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Compactor Hire

We have a brilliant range of compactors available for hire nationwide. Our equipment catalogue includes vibrating wacker plates, forward / reverse plate compactors, vibrating rollers, Bomag rollers, trench rammers, and more - all at incredible rates. Order online or by phone and collect from your nearest store or book delivery.

Compactor Hire

Vibrating wacker plates, rollers & rammers available

We have a fantastic selection of vibrating wacker plates, including petrol powered machines for compacting soil, sand, gravel, and hardcore in preparation for laying a concrete slab. They are ideal for roadworks, construction sites, and domestic landscaping. We also have electric plate compactors that are safe to use indoors and in enclosed spaces without good ventilation. They are 110v machines that offer a powerful centrifugal force without producing any fumes or odours. We also have a range of 400mm forward / reverse plate compactors that are harder wearing machines that are suited for more heavy duty work and compacting larger surface areas. Convenient compactor hire kits that include vibrating plates, cement mixers, and more, are available at great rates.

We have vibrating roller and Bomag roller hire available. They are professional compactors for compacting earth and hardcore or compacting asphalt during road works. They are powerful, efficient, and allow you to work quickly and accurately. We have a variety of rollers, including 550mm single drum and 650mm double drum machines, as well as efficient ride on models.

Trench rammer compactors are best in areas with limited space, and for compacting more cohesive soils with high clay content. The small plate transfers the energy more precisely than a wacker plate. We have 2 stroke and 4 stroke petrol rammers available. They are robust and effective machines, ideal for use in trenches, for foundation work, and other smaller and difficult to access areas.

Whatever level of compaction you need, we can supply the correct, high quality equipment for the job. You can book your compactor hire online or over the phone and discuss the available equipment with our experienced hire team. Once booked, you can collect your items from your nearest store at the start of the hire, or we can deliver them directly to you.

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