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Mini Digger Hire

1.5T Mini Digger

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  • 2250mm Digging Depth
  • Adjustable Track Gauge
  • Conventional Type Compact Excavator
  • Strong Digging Force


Small excavators for trade & DIY use

We have mini diggers available for hire nationwide. These 1.5T excavators allow the operator to dig up and remove large amounts of earth, sand, gravel, rubble, and more. They are powerful pieces of plant that work quickly and efficiently. They have a maximum dig depth of 2250mm and are ideal for any utility sector and construction industry. So whether you are digging a pond, landscaping a garden, installing equipment underground, or moving large amounts of building materials into a dumper or skip, mini diggers are perfect for the job. These machines come with a range of bucket sizes for various applications. We can also provide additional accessories, such as concrete breakers, augurs, post knockers, and window shutters. 

Versatile mini diggers

These mini diggers are very easy to control. Even someone without any experience can use one effectively. The operator console is designed for comfort and ease of use. They feature adjustable wrist rests and a fully adjustable seat to enable any user to find their preferred position. These mini diggers have simple levers and joysticks for all of the hand controls. They also feature peddles for any function that is controlled by foot. The robust tracks allow you to easily handle uneven and challenging surfaces, including concrete, grass, soil, rocks, and gravel. The tracks are also adjustable between 990mm and 1240mm widths. The narrow footprint means that the plant can access sites through more restricted spaces. When you fully extend the tracks, they offer superior stability in the work field.

Safe & secure construction equipment

These mini diggers have a conventional design. The fuel-efficient engines are easy to access and easy to maintain. Plus, all of the front attachment cylinder pipes inside the boom. With the pipework integrated in this way, it is not exposed and cannot incur damage during use. The main hydraulic cylinder itself is mounted on top of the boom. This design ensures that the cylinder never comes into contact with any raised ground or obstacles. You can safely leave these mini excavators unattended, as a secure anti-theft system protects them. They are ideal machines to have on long term construction sites, road works, and domestic jobs.

Insurance is issued, a full tank of fuel is provided & delivery is free!

You can book a mini digger with us online, and we provide the insurance to cover you, at a flat rate of £50. If you already have hired-in plant insurance and do not need us to supply the coverage, please contact the hire team. We also supply these diggers with a full tank of fuel included in the rate, and we deliver to site for free.

When you book a mini digger online, we do follow up all hires to undertake a standard ID check and to take payment of an additonal £500 DEPOSIT.

Please note: This product description and detail is based on the model we have the most stock of. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.


Fuel Tank Capacity: 21 litres
Fuel: Diesel
Height: 2330mm / (2350mm with cabin attached)
Length: 3710mm
Width (retracted tracks): 990mm
Width (extended tracks): 1240mm
Weight: 1490kg / (1540kg with cabin attached)
Max. dig depth: 2250mm


Plant hire

Came to the site for cheap plant hire and was really happy with the mini digger that was delivered.

Reviewed by Alex


Mammoth Hire Plant

I always use Mammoth for plant hire because of the discounted rates. It's the same equipment you pay twice as much for other other hire companies.

Reviewed by Phil


Happy with the service

Really impressed with the delivery of a mini digger. The staff on the phones were courteous during the booking, the delivery driver was on time and helpful and the prices were fantastic.

Reviewed by Branda W


Overall Rating: 4.5/5


How much does it cost to hire a mini digger?

We offer extremely competitive hire rates for plant. Our mini diggers are available for 24 hours, 48 hours, weekends, and weekly periods, with discounted prices for our trade and DIY customers. Enquire online or by phone for a quick quote.

Do you need a licence to drive a mini digger?

If the mini digger is being driven on public roads, then you will need a licence. If you are working on a private or domestic site, then you will not need a licence to operate the plant. However, if you are using the excavator on a construction site, then you will need relevant training, and you may be asked for a certificate of competence.

What is the smallest digger I can hire?

Our mini diggers are compact machines with a narrow working footprint. The tracks are adjustable between 990mm and 1240mm widths, allowing access to areas with restricted space and stability during use. These excavators have a height of 2330mm (2350mm with the cabin attached), length of 3710mm, and weigh 1490kg (1540kg with the cabin attached). Mini diggers offer a maximum dig depth of 2250mm. Our micro diggers are the smallest excavators that we have in our hire fleet. They have a minimum width of 700mm with the tracks retracted, and 860mm with the tracks extended.

How do you drive a mini digger?

Familiarise yourself with the instruction manual and any warning stickers that are present. Examine the machine to ensure that there are no loose or damaged parts. Check for leaks, damaged cables, problems with the tracks, and other potential hazards. Ensure that the plant is filled with enough fuel, check the engine lubricant and coolant levels, and locate the fire extinguisher. Now you can climb into the operator’s console. Inside the mini excavator, you will find an armrest and controls on the left hand side. It is usually pushed up and out of the way of the door. Pull the armrest down and lock it into place. Next, fasten your seatbelt securely and look around the operator’s console. Locate all of the gauges and controls that are available, and establish where the ignition switch is. The ignition switch is usually on the right hand side or overhead. In the excavator’s cab, you will find a set of joysticks, levers, and pedals. The joysticks control the boom and bucket operation and rotate the cab to the left and the right. The levers control the drive tracks, the throttle, and the front blade. The pedals control the high speed option (if available) and the pivot function of the bucket. With the digger turned off, move each of the controls to get a feel for how they perform. Any movement of the controls will cause the machine to respond immediately, so it is best to be familiar with their motion before you start work.

Where can I hire a 1.5T Mini Digger near me?

Mammoth Hire has over 400 Click & Collect locations across the UK and delivers tools & equipment to your door. Simply Call 0800 142 2022 or Book Online.

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