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Climate Control Hire

We have temporary climate control equipment available for hire nationwide. Do you need heating, cooling, drying, or ventilating appliances? We have a great range of high quality and robust space heaters, air conditioners, evaporative air coolers, dehumidifiers, versatile site fans, and more to choose between.

Climate Control Hire

Temporary climate control equipment

Our climate control equipment allows you to keep spaces comfortable and create safe places to work or spend leisure time. It can also be used together to help create the ideal conditions for rooms to dry quickly and properly following decorating work. Our climate control equipment includes heaters of all types and sizes, as well as coolers, air conditioners, evaporative coolers and dehumidifiers, ideal for homes, offices, shops, schools, halls, warehouses, marquees and more. Our dehumidifiers are also ideal for drying out rooms following decorating work, flood and leaks.


Air conditioning units can help to create a pleasant climate in any workplace. It works by drawing warm air in from the space and passing it through a refrigerant system - causing it to condensate. This process removes moisture and cools the air rapidly. The cool air is then circulated back out into the space by an inbuilt fan, while the leftover warm air and a large volume of the moisture are exhausted outside via ducting. Comfortable working climates, conditions, and air quality play a huge part in productivity, happiness, and well-being. As they remove moisture from a room, AC units are ideal for cooling sensitive areas that could otherwise be disturbed by a rise in humidity, such as museums, galleries and server rooms. Evaporative air coolers also effectively lower climates within a space, but they add moisture to the air to create a natural cooling sensation. Evaporative air coolers are best used in low-humidity well-ventilated areas. They are great for homes, shops, restaurants, bars, marquees, gyms, warehouses, factories and more. We also have a great range of powerful, industrial cooling fans available.


Whether you are looking to keep your home, office, shop, or warehouse warm during the winter, space heaters a versatile solution. We have electric fan heaters, infra-red heaters, cabinet heaters, box heaters and direct & indirect fired diesel space heaters. Electric fan heaters draw in air and heat it using an element. The fan then circulates the warm air around the space. Infrared heaters provide a 100% natural type of radiant heat which heats walls, people, furniture and other objects within a space, rather than heating the air. This is a comfortable, efficient and effective form of heating. Direct fired gas and diesel heaters are designed for use in well ventilated areas and outdoor areas. They are perfect for use in industrial areas such as warehouses, workshops, factories and more. Indirect fired diesel heaters are designed for heating enclosed spaces such as marquees and halls. They are placed outside the areas you want to heat, the fumes are exhausted away via a flue, and the warm air is ducted into the space via ducting.


Dehumidifiers are suitable for many different environments, such as at home, in offices, shops, industrial facilities, and more. They can be used for removing moisture from the air, walls, and floors in areas that suffer from damp, as well as following a leak or flood. Dehumidifiers are popular in the construction industry because they can be used to dry plasterwork, masonry work, and decorating work quickly and thoroughly. Speeding up drying times helps to improve productivity and also prevents the appearance of mould and mildew. Dehumidifiers are practical and versatile machines that can be used safely together with other equipment, such as heaters, to increase their effectiveness. 

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