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Dehumidifier Hire: Free Delivery & Collection

Dehumidifier Hire

Our dehumidifier hire fleet includes quality, high capacity, robust refrigerant dehumidifiers, building dryers, and floor dryers. This climate control equipment is ideal for flood and leak remediation, drying damp rooms like basements and garages before structural work, drying surfaces following decoration, and more.

Dehumidifier Hire

Ideal for managing humidity, damp, leaks and floods

We have an excellent range of refrigerant dehumidifiers and building dryers available for hire nationwide. They are ideal for dealing with damp and humid conditions in rooms, drying following construction and plastering work, or for remediation following a leak or flood. Our dehumidifiers are available in a range of sizes to suit different environments. Whether your bathroom, bedroom, shop, hall or school is suffering from damp issues, one of our dehumidifiers can help to solve the problem. Compressor dehumidifiers draw moisture out from the air within a space and pass it over a refrigerated coil. This turns the moisture in the air into a liquid form which can either be deposited into a water tank or pumped out using a hose, which can be positioned to flow down a drain. We have robust 110v and 240v dehumidifiers available - suitable for any domestic, commercial, or industrial site. We also have floor dryer hire available. Floor dryers are convenient air movers that are designed to blow hot air across the surface to help dry out wet carpets, hard floors, and more. They can be used together with a dehumidifier to quickly and effectively reduce drying times and increase productivity significantly.

Our dehumidifier hire rates are extremely competitive. Enquire online or over the phone for information, advice and a quote. Once you have booked a dehumidifier hire, you can collect from your local store, or we can deliver to you.

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