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Karcher Puzzi 10/1 spray extraction carpet cleaning machine

Karcher Carpet Washer

154.5/5 15 Reviews
Karcher Puzzi 10/1 spray extraction carpet cleaning machine
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  • Impressive 54 Litres/Second Air Flow Rate
  • 20-25 Square Metres Per hour Max Area Performance
  • Deep & Effective Clean
  • Easy to Use & Versatile


Karcher Puzzi domestic carpet cleaning machine

We have Karcher carpet cleaning machines available nationwide. These domestic cleaners give carpets a deep, thorough, and effective clean. They remove deep-seated dirt, dust, crumbs, and grime that clings to pile, to give your carpet a new lease of life. The Karcher Puzzi leaves your carpets looking, feeling, and smelling cleaner and fresher. It also extend the lifespan of your rugs and carpets. They use a combination of a warm water spray, carpet cleaning solution or carpet shampoo, and a vacuum to get deep within the carpet fibres and quickly lift dirt and stains. These versatile machines are effortless to use, and they provide a much cheaper way of cleaning carpets than hiring out a contractor, yet you can achieve high-quality, professional standard cleaning results. They are lightweight, portable, easy to manoeuvre, and they are ideal for household use and for smaller commercial spaces like offices and shops.

You can book a carpet washer online or over the phone. Once booked, you can collect equipment from your local branch at the start of the hire, or arrange for us to deliver it to your door. Our hire rates are extremely competitive, and our delivery rates are some of the best around. We can also supply carpet cleaning shampoo - simply add this to your cart during the online checkout, or when ordering over the phone.

Please note: This product description and detail is based on the model we have the most stock of. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.


Karcher Puzzi 10/1 Carpet Cleaner
Max Area Performance 20 - 25 square meters per hour (m2/h)
Air Flow Rate 54 litres per second ( l/s)
Vacuum 220 - 22 millibar to kilopascal (mbar/kPa)
Spray Rate 1 litre per minute ( l/min)
Spray Pressure 1 bar (b)
Tank Capacity (Fresh Water) 10 litres (l)
Tank Capacity (Dirty Water) 9 litres (l)
Turbine Power Rating 1250 watts (W)
Pump Power Rating 40 watts (W)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 665 x 320 x 435 mm
Weight 10.3 kilograms (kg)


Better than expected

It was a Karcher Puzzi machine which we hired, not the smaller Hydromist as shown on the website and as previous hired. No complaints though as the Karcher was even better at cleaning than the Hydromist machine - but a little heavier. Our carpets look great again, thank you!

Reviewed by Linda


Domestic carpet cleaner

The carpet cleaner was easy to use and removed all of the stains on a 5 year old carpet. It took a few attempts to clean the really dirty parts of the carpet, like by the door and around the bottom of the couch, but it was very dirty before we started.

Reviewed by Emma B


Carpet washer

The carpet washer was easy to setup and the results were very noticeable once it had dried, but one of the stains (red wine) needed to be scrubbed at by hand and then gone over again with the machine before it came out. I would hire it again in the future if needed.

Reviewed by Laura


Much better than my VAX

The Karcher machine I hired was MUCH better than my old VAX machine. It also sucked more water out of the carpet than the VAX, meaning the drying time was a lot less. Absolute bargain for the 1 day hire price, especially as I only live down the road so could collect in the car!

Reviewed by David


carpet cleaner

The carpet cleaner cleaned the carpets very well but there was no upholstery attachment delivered with it. I called up to check if this should have been included and it should have been, so the delivery driver came back out later that day with the attachment. It was good service and the man on the phone was very pleasant to deal with.

Reviewed by Irene


Very happy with the results

The carpet cleaner we rented worked really well on our carpets, they feel much lighter and fluffier and look much better. The smell of the carpet shampoo is really fresh and not very heavy so it leaves a nice natural clean smell. I would definitely rent a carpet cleaner from Mammoth again.

Reviewed by Keith R


Really easy to use carpet cleaner and cheap

The carpet cleaner I booked to rent was easy to us, I found videos on youtube to look at which helped. It is a little bit more effort than I thought to really get rid of stains and suck up any excess water, but its worth the effort for the results. The carpet cleaner rental rate was really good and the delivery was much cheaper than any other quotes we had.

Reviewed by Ron


Great value in hiring a carpet cleaning machine

Considering the money that these Karcher carpet cleaning machines sell for as new, the hire rate was really good for a weekend carpet cleaner hire, just to get the job done. I'd definitely hire a carpet cleaning machine like this more often when needed.

Reviewed by Neil F


Compact, stain remover.

When i received the machine i couldn't believe the size of the machine. Very compact and easy to move around but the best surprise was the work it did. Cleaned all the carpeted area to brand new. Great!

Reviewed by Linda Graham



Superb machine which does a really professional job. The carpet will be just damp when cleaned and will be dry in few hours in a heated room. As always, if you buy dedicated machine it will do a far better job than a dual-purpose device. Fine with any multi-purpose spray extraction liquid detergent.

Reviewed by The Mac


For the size this machine is so powerful!

Absolutely brilliant, such a powerful machine for it's small size, brings carpets straight back to life, would highly recommend to anyone.

Reviewed by Ems


Excellent results

Hired through mammoth, quick and efficient. Done the job superbly.

Reviewed by Terri Richards


Definitely will hire again!

My VAX had broken and i decided to hire the karcher after the great reviews and i cna tell you i werent disappointed. Much better than my VAX- I'll be hinting to my hubby to get one for permanent use in the house!

Reviewed by Brooke Thompson


Used to clean hospital- excellent!

We used this to clean a large scale play area at a care facility. absolutely phenomenal- removed a lot of embedded dirt/food & mess. Definitely would recommend.

Reviewed by Sofia Vernandez


Mum of 4 pleased with results

As a busy mum of 4, i find it hard to clean deep-set mess caused by children, but this eliminated this feeling.

It cleans and sucks dirt out very quick and efficiently!

Reviewed by Sadie Wright


Overall Rating: 4.5/5


How do you use a carpet cleaning machine?

Carpet cleaners use a combination of hot water, high pressure, cleaning solution, and a vacuum for a thorough and effective deep clean. Before using a carpet cleaning machine, use a vacuum cleaner on the area to remove any loose dirt and debris that could damage the machine. Next, fill the carpet cleaner tank with hot water and a suitable cleaning solution. Then, pull the lance trigger and cover the surface of the carpet with the cleaning fluid. The high pressure ensures that that mixture saturates the small fibres of the pile. This process dislodges all of the deep-seated dirt, stains, bacteria, and allergens that cling to materials. Once you have covered the whole of the carpet with cleaning fluid, stop spraying and use the carpet cleaner vacuum to draw out the dirty water. The water goes into the wastewater tank, and then you can pour it away. Once finished, you can vacuum the carpet again to remove any excess water, and open any windows and allow it to dry naturally.

How often should you clean your carpets?

You should clean your carpets regularly, at least once a week. If you allow a build up of dirt, the carpet will look dull and it can also reduce its life expectancy. You should deep clean your carpets with a carpet cleaning machine at least twice a year, and more often if you live with pets or smokers. Deep cleaning can double the life expectancy of your carpet.

How long does it take to deep clean a carpet?

On average, it takes 20 minutes to deep clean an average sized room with a carpet cleaner.

Can you use a carpet cleaner on other areas?

Carpet cleaners are versatile machines that can be used to clean various surfaces and items. They are suitable for rugs, upholstery, curtains, mattresses, car interiors, and more.

Where can I hire a Karcher Carpet Washer near me?

Mammoth Hire has over 400 Click & Collect locations across the UK and delivers tools & equipment to your door. Simply Call 0800 142 2022 or Book Online.

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Quick Quote (email) or Call: 0800 142 2050

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