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Petrol Lawn Aerator Hire

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Lawn Aerator Hire

Ideal for decompacting, improving drainage & encouraging thicker grass root growth

Aerating your lawn is a key gardening process for ensuring healthy grass growth and improving drainage throughout your garden. Our petrol lawn aerators are high quality, professional standard machines that allow you to aerate your lawn quickly and easily.

The soil in your lawn can become compacted and hard during dry summer months, cold winter months, or when there has been a lot of foot traffic. Compacted soil causes drainage problems and prevents vital nutrients, water and air from penetrating the earth to reach the roots of the grass. This limitation can significantly affect the health of your lawn. Using an aerator on grass helps to combat these problems and encourages healthy, vibrant grass growth for a beautiful lawn.

Ideal for both professional gardeners and DIY users, our lawn aerators can be fitted with either a set of solid tines or hollow tines. Solid tines punch holes in the soil as you walk along with the machine, which aerates the ground - allowing nutrients, air and water into the soil. Hollow tines remove small plugs of earth from the ground, which is a more effective treatment for severe compaction problems. The plugs of earth are left on the surface of the lawn, behind the machine. Overall, solid tine aeration is a more general maintenance treatment for well established lawns. If you have more severe compaction problems, then hollow-tine aeration is usually best. Hollow tines are also the best option for soil with high clay content.

Once you have finished aerating your lawn with hollow tines, you should collect the plugs of soil that the machine leaves on the ground, as they can affect the overall quality of the lawn surface. Though, these plugs of soil are full of nutrients so you can break them down and use them on your borders or seedbeds, or compost them.

We have lawn aerator hire available nationwide. You can select whether you would like the machine to be fitted with solid spikes or hollow tines and book online or over the phone. You can then collect the machine from your local store at the start of the hire, or we can deliver the aerator to your door or site. We have a range of accessories available for purchase, including super grip work gloves, ear defenders and Personal Protection Packs. These packs include safety goggles, safety gloves, dust mask and earplugs. You can add these to your order during checkout.

Please note: You should book your lawn aerator hire during spring and autumn months – before and after the dry and warm summer period. Aerating your lawn in the spring allows your garden to recover before the summer months and aerating your lawn in autumn prepares your lawn for the harsh winter months ahead. You should aerate when the soil is moist, as the tines may struggle to penetrate the ground if the soil is dry. If there has been no rain recently, it is best to water the lawn a day or two before aerating to ensure that there is moisture in the soil.

Camon LA20 Aerator

Engine Model: Honda GX160
Engine Type: 4 stroke overhead valve, single cylinder
Engine Output: 4kw
Rated Engine Speed: 3600 rpm
Working Width: 40cm
Tine Depth Adjustment: From 9cm to 11cm
Core Discharge: To the rear
Noise Level: 86db
Vibration Acceleration Value: 5.4ms²
Dimensions (l x w x h): 100cm x 70cm x 68cm
Weight: 90kg
Status: Ready to Hire
Use: Safety Boots, Safety Gloves, Ear Defenders

Please note: This product description and detail is based on the model we have the most stock of. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.


Good quality aerator machine

The hollow tiner was a very high quality, professional machine. It worked very well and didn't take much effort to use.

Reviewed by Dawn


Overall Rating: 5/5

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  • Tine Option: Solid Tines
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