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Digger Hire

We have an excellent digger hire range available nationwide. Our plant catalogue includes mini diggers, micro diggers, excavators, trenchers, and more. We also supply accessories and attachments, such as breakers, trailers, and ground protection mats, to make working with these machines more practical and convenient.

Digger Hire

Robust diggers & excavators for landscaping jobs

We have an extensive range of equipment for digger and excavator hire available nationwide. We supply diggers and excavators in a variety of sizes to manage all jobs quickly and efficiently. Whether you are completing DIY at home, remodelling your garden and driveway, or you are a professional tradesperson working onsite - you can hire the right digger for excavation jobs.

We have 0.8T micro digger hire (Kubota K008-3 micro excavator). They are compact and powerful machines, capable of performing all kinds of smaller excavation projects at home and onsite. They have a conveniently slim design with retractable tracks that allows them to compact down to just 700mm wide. The 0.8T micro digger has a maximum digging depth of 1720mm, and it is ideal for landscaping projects, underground installations, and more.

We have 1.5T mini digger hire (Kubota KX016-4 mini excavator). These diggers are ideal for excavating large quantities of earth quickly and efficiently in a garden, park, site and more. They have a maximum digging depth of 2250mm, and they are great for creating ponds, landscaping a garden, installing underground pipes and cables, and moving large amounts of debris, sand, stone or soil into a dumper or skip.

We have trenchers and larger wheeled and tracked diggers in a range of sizes from 3T, right up to 34T, and everything in between. These powerful, robust machines are perfect for large scale digging and excavating onsite.

Our digger accessories and attachments include Trakmats - innovative ground protection mats designed to improve traction and prevent the ground from becoming churned up and destroyed during building work, events or increased footfall. They significantly reduce damage to well cared for and heritage areas like lawns, golf courses, sports pitches, fields, and more. We have breaker attachments that give diggers and excavators the capability to act as a jackhammer or road breaker, to break up concrete, tarmac, asphalt and brick quickly and easily. We also have trailers for securely transporting mini diggers and other tools tos and from sites.

Give our hire team a call to discuss your requirements and to get a digger and excavator hire quote. You can book the machinery you need quickly and easily over the phone. We pride ourselves on our competitive digger hire rates, national coverage and ongoing service - we can get you the plant that you need, when you need it, at a competitive price! 

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