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Heater Hire

Heater Hire

Versatile space heaters

Whether you're looking to keep your home, office, shop, or warehouse warm during the winter, we have the ideal heater hire for your needs in our range. We have electric fan heaters, infra-red heaters, cabinet heaters, box heaters and direct & indirect fired diesel space heaters. Our electric fan heaters draw air using a fan and heat it using an element. The fan circulates the warm air around the space. Infrared heaters provide a 100% natural type of radiant heat which heats walls, people, furniture and other objects within an area, rather than heating the air. This is a comfortable, efficient and effective form of heating. Direct fired gas and diesel heaters are designed for use in well ventilated areas and outdoor areas. They are perfect for use in industrial areas such as warehouses, workshops, factories and more. Indirect fired diesel heaters are designed for heating enclosed spaces such as marquees and halls. They are placed outside the areas you want to heat, the fumes are exhausted away via a flue, and the warm air is ducted into the space via ducting. Take a look at our full range of space heaters for hire on our website and contact our hire team via telephone or live chat to get more information and to get a space heater hire quote. You can book a heater hire online or over the phone and then collect it from your nearest depot at the start of the hire, or we can deliver it to you. We also have a range of space heaters for sale. Buying a space heater provides great value for money if you are looking for one for more than a temporary period.

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