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Fume Extractor Hire

Fume Extractor Hire

Industrial extractor fans & air purifiers 

We have industrial extractor fan hire available nationwide. Portable, industry standard extactor fans are extremely useful in poorly ventilated spaces where people are working. They are ideal for use in demanding areas such as warehouses, factories, construction sites, and labs as they promote the circulation of fresh air into the area. They also remove harmful fumes, unpleasant odours, smoke, and dust. Fume extractors should be used during construction work, demolition work, decorating work, excavation work and more. We have 110v and 240v electric fume extractors available for hire along with lengths of ducting. ducting can be used to vent the fumes out or direct clean, fresh air in. We also have Ozone generator air purifiers available, which creates an odour-destroying ozone then quickly removes it, refreshing the area and leaving it ready to occupyEnquire online or over the phone for an industrial extractor fan hire quote. Once you have booked a fume extractor hire, you can collect the equipment from your nearest branch at the start of the hire, or we can deliver directly to you.

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