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Large Master Space Heater Package

Large Master Space Heater Package for Sale

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Ideal for climate control in multiple spaces

Our large Master space heater packages offer the highest quality indirect fired space heaters and accessories at a discounted price. Indirect fired space heaters are ideal for heating enclosed spaces without much ventilation, such as marquees, halls, workshops and areas on construction sites. A flue system exhausts fumes and odours away and only safe, clean fume-free warm air is used to heat the space. Our large heater packages have everything you need to get started immediately, and are designed to heat two individual spaces simultaneously. You can select a package with a choice of 3 different heaters. The Master BV110E - a 34kW 240v heater. The Master BV170DV - a 49kW dual voltage heater. The Master BV290DV - an 85kW dual voltage heater. They are all high-powered, efficient space heaters. Their tough stainless steel combustion chambers, large internal fuel tanks provide robustness and impact resistance in tough conditions. The heat exchangers, oil filters, electronic flame control devices, and powerful, internal fans are all quality components ensure fast, effective and efficient heating. They are more efficient and powerful than other rival heaters of similar sizes - meaning that the warm air is circulated more effectively around the space. These heaters also have overheat thermostats and diagnostic LEDs which help to ensure maximum heater safety and reliable function. Master space heaters will shut down automatically to prevent any damage or accidents if an issue is detected.

Optional digital thermostat upgrade & rain covers available

The large package includes your choice of Master indirect space heater plus a length of nylon heater ducting. You can choose whether to include either a 3m or 7.6m length of ducting with your package using the drop down menu. The package also includes a thermostat with 10m of cable, a soft grid diffuser, a ducting adaptor, an exhaust flue, and a rain cowl. Master ducting features a straightforward zip connection design which allows you to connect separate ducting together to create longer lengths. The soft grid diffuser fits on to the end of the ducting to act as a vent outlet for the warm air. The ducting adaptor allows you to fix the ducting to the heater’s warm air outlet. The rain cowl protects the flues from letting in rain water and dust etc. The standard thermostats are robust, analogue thermostats. They allow you to control the output of the heater. As an optional upgrade, you can replace them with a digital thermostat. The digital thermostat gives you even more control of your climate settings - accurate within 0.1℃ and with a working range between -10℃ and 70℃ and a clear display. They are recommended for spaces where there is a very precise temperature needed. You can also select to include a versatile rain cover to your package. Master heater rain covers are durable and practical accessories. They can be used while the heater is in operation or in storage to ensure the equipment is shielded and protected at all times.

Climate control solutions with fantastic value

Our large Master space heater packages are available with free delivery to UK mainland addresses. Master space heaters and accessories are high quality industry standard pieces of equipment. They are perfect for marquee hire companies, events companies, construction companies, and much more. They are reliable temporary heating, emergency heating, and workshop heating solutions during the colder months. A manufacturer’s 3 year warranty supports the heater and service kits & spare parts are readily available. Contact our team via online live chat or telephone if you have further questions or would like to find out more about our space heater packages.

Please note: This product description and detail is based on the model we have the most stock of. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.


Included in package:
1 x Master BV110E or Master BV170DV or Master BV290DV
2 x 3m or 7.6m Ducting
1 x 2 Way Splitter
2 x Soft Grid Diffusers
1 x Thermostat
1 x Flue
1 x Rain Cowl
FREE Delivery (Mainland UK)

Master BV110E Heater Specifications:
Heat Output: 34kW / 116,000 Btu
Air Flow: 1800m³/h
Fuel Tank Capacity: 65L
Fuel Consumption: 3.2l/h
Fuel Autonomy: 21h
Electric Power: 0.8kW
Rated Current: 3.5A
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 1235 x 575 x 1000
Weight: 61kg
Voltage: 230v

Master BV170DV Heater Specifications:
Heat Output: 49kW / 167,200 Btu
Air Flow: 1800m³/h
Fuel Tank Capacity: 65L
Fuel Consumption: 4.7l/h
Fuel Autonomy: 14h
Electric Power: 0.8kW
Rated Current: 3.5A
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 1350 x 575 x 1000
Weight: 65kg
Voltage: Dual Voltage 110v / 230v

Master BV290DV Heater Specifications:
Heat Output: 85kW / 290,000 Btu
Air Flow: 3300m³/h
Tank Capacity: 105L
Fuel Consumption: 8.1l/h
Fuel Autonomy: 13h
Electric Power: 1.06kW
Rated Current: 4.6A
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 1600 x 700 x 1150
Weight: 100kg
Voltage: Dual Voltage 110v / 230v

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