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Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum Hire

Billy Goat Vacuum

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Petrol-powered leaf vacuum

We have 190cc Billy Goat vacuum hire available nationwide. These garden vacuums are versatile, petrol-powered machines used for clearing leaves, seeds, mulch, blooms, small branches from multiple surface types. They perform just as well on grass as they do on tarmac, with a variable height adjustment feature which ensures consistent levels of pickup. They are also suitable for clearing litter and other garden debris, which a smaller garden vac would not be able to manage. They provide a fast, easy, and very effective way to clear your outdoor areas. They are far more efficient and less effort than using a manual rake. A leaf vacuum can be a huge luxury during the autumn when the ground is covered with leaves and other deciduous items that have fallen from trees and shrubs. They are also ideal during spring and summer if you are taking on some garden clearing work. These highly-practical machines are for residential and light commercial garden clearance. They keep gardens, paths, driveways, decks, playgrounds, parks and more, clean and clear of organic debris. They are suitable for gardeners, groundkeepers, and for the general public, and allow you to clear outdoor spaces quickly and efficiently.

Combined debris vacuum, mulcher & chipper

The Billy Goat vacuum is a versatile, quality piece of garden clearance equipment. This machine has 3 various functions that enable it to complete multiple garden tasks. There is the powerful suction that intakes a massive amount of waste through the 27 inch front guard. That large space allows this garden vac to cover a massive surface area and prevents the machine from clogging up. Inside the unit, there are powerful blades that can reduce any soft materials like leaves, twigs, paper, etc., into mulch. This compacted mulch which is far easier to dispose of that garden waste that has been raked and it is also convenient for compost heaps. Additionally, there is a handy 2 inch chipper at the side of the unit that can be used for twigs and small branches that will not go through the vacuum system. It chipper will reduce these bits into mulch too. The chipper is covered with a large stopper that prevents items from accidentally falling in and also pushes any residue through the mechanism, keeping your fingers safely away from the blades. There is a powerful 190cc motor that drives the vacuum, mulcher, and chipper.

Complete with 151 litre mess bag

These efficient leaf vacuums are high capacity machines for clearing outdoor spaces quickly and effectively. The collection bag is a hard-based, bottom-loading, zipperless sack. This allows for quick and easy emptying for user convenience. The robust fasteners are more durable than zips and provide a longer service life. We have Billy Goat vacuum hire available at excellent rates whether you are a landscape gardener, groundkeeper, caretaker or garden enthusiast. Enquire online or over the phone with our hire team for a Billy Goat vacuum hire quote. Available for collection from your nearest branch or we can arrange to deliver the equipment directly to you.


Based On: Petrol Billy Goat Vacuum KV601
Engine Make: Briggs & Stratton
Performance: 4.5kW
Displacement: 190cc
Productivity: 2900m³/h
Working Width: 690mm
Bag Capacity: 151l
Length: 1580mm
Width: 680mm
Height: 1100mm
Weight: 53kg


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Quick Quote (email) or Call: 0800 142 2050

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Quick Quote (email) or Call: 0800 142 2050

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