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110v Wallpaper Steamer Hire

110v Wallpaper Steamer

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  • 110v Professional Wallpaper Steamer
  • Ideal For Various Wallcoverings
  • Integrated Water Tank
  • Large Steam Plate


Electric wallpaper strippers

This 110v steam wallpaper stripper provides a quick and easy way of removing wallpaper. It is easy to set up and easy to operate - suitable for professional decorators and DIYers. All you need to do is fill the 7.5 litre boiler unit with water and turn it on. It will work to produce steam which is then filtered through the hose, to the steam plate. By holding the plate against a papered surface for a short period, you allow the steam to penetrate and saturate it. The steam causes the paper and adhesive to soften so it can be removed with a scraper easily. They can be used for removing all types of wallpaper, plus vinyl, woodchip, and other decorative wallcoverings without damaging the plaster underneath. It is a versatile machine that even has an integrated stop for reaching the top of high walls. If the boiler unit is full, it provides up to 90 minutes of steam.

Before using the steam wallpaper stripper, read the manual carefully, and make yourself aware of the location of the power switch, so you can quickly turn the machine off if necessary. Do not try to overreach with the steam plate and be aware that, during use, steam will re-condense and collect in the bottom of the plate, so take care not to spill this boiling water over yourself or others. You must wear goggles and protective clothing while operating the steam wallpaper stripper to avoid injury to the eyes and burns. We can supply Personal Protection Packs, which give you safety goggles, safety gloves, dust mask and earplugs. You can add this to your order during checkout. Take care not to let the hot plate touch skin and be careful when removing wallpaper, as the steam plate will have heated it. It is advisable to keep windows open in the room that you are working onto allow proper ventilation. Also, keep furniture and floors are covered.

Please note: This product description and detail is based on the model we have the most stock of. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.


Wallpaper Stripper
Weight: 12kg
Gas Consumption: 1.25kg per hr
Input Wattage: 2750w 110/240v
Use: Safety Glasses / Goggles
Use: Safety Gloves
Use: Power Breaker
Status: Ready to Hire



Stripped the wall easily.

Good wallpaper stripper, got some old wallpaper off pretty easily, got a nice big fill tank and long hose to reach into them awkward places. Only takes a few mins to boil the water for the steam, i did notice too that it was 95% steam too as ive had strippers in the past that kick out alot of water. This one doesn't

Reviewed by Dan


Overall Rating: 5/5

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