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Document Floor Scrubber Dryer Hire
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 $num = Rand (1,20); 
 switch ($num)
 case 1:
 echo "Mammoth Hire machies are powerful floor cleaning machines that scrubs and dries floors in ONE pass, making it ideal for cleaning large areas of flooring where time is against you. If you need to clean floors quickly and efficiently, Mammoth Hire is your go-to solution for hire in $placname.";
 case 2:
 echo "If you are looking for a way to clean your floors quickly and easily you need Mammoth Hire! Mammoth Hire floor srubber dryers are great for scrubbing away dirt, grime and stains on a wide range of surfaces including asphalt, concrete or grainy stone. Hire today in $placename.";
 case 3:
 echo "In commercial cleaning jobs where time is money, Mammoth Hire's dry scrubber floor cleaning machines speed up your workday and keep you moving through your stadium or large industrial space.";
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