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Plasma Cutter Hire

Plasma Cutter Hire

Professional equipment for accurate plasma cutting

We have an excellent range of plasma cutter hire equipment available nationwide. We have 240v, 110v, and 3 phase plasma cutters from big name manufacturers such as Thermal Dynamics and Goodwin. This includes water-cooled models, plus cutters with drag guns included and various other specifications. They all feature a built-in air compressor and perform accurate cutting through different metals quickly and efficiently. They can cut through steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and more - ideal for many applications. Plasma cutters are professional tools for experienced tradespeople working in fabrication shops, car garages, industrial sites, construction sites and salvage yards. They are versatile tools that can cut straight lines, bevelled edges, holes and curves through a range of metal objects, including sheet metal, ducting, studs, etc. Plasma cutters work by supplying compressed air to a constricted nozzle. The narrow opening of the nozzle causes the gas to escape at a high rate. At the same time, the gas passes an integral electrode. The electrode creates an electrical arc between itself and the opening, raising the temperature of the gas and causing it to ionise. As the nozzle is brought into contact with the metal you are working on, the path of the electrical arc shifts from the opening to the workpiece. This creates an electrically conductive stream of plasma. As the plasma is focused and extremely hot, it directly melts the metal and blows the residue away - creating a cut. A second supply of compressed air flows from around the opening to form a shielding gas. The shielding gas helps to constrict the plasma stream for more precise cutting. Browse all of our plasma cutters and enquire online or by phone for a plasma cutter hire quote.

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