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How to use a carpet cleaner

A carpet being cleaned.

Preparing to use the carpet cleaner

Before you get carried away washing your carpets, there are a few things you should do first. 

  • Move any electronics you can out of the area
  • Move any furniture you can out of the way (to maximise floor space available.
  • Vacuum your floor to remove any loose dirt or objects that may damage the cleaner

These steps will help to ensure you get the most out of cleaning your carpets.

How to use a carpet cleaner

  1. Mix hot water and cleaning solution (such as carpet shampoo) into the cleaners internal tank
  2. Press the trigger on the house and sweep the nozzle over the carpet. Doing this will force the solution into the carpet under high pressure, thus lifting the dirt, stains and allergens from the carpet fibres.
  3. Repeat the process over the same patch of carpet without pressing the trigger. The machine will suck the solution up via the vacuum and deposit it into the integrated waste water tank.
  4. Empty the waste tank when it is full and repeat from step one on areas you wish to clean. 

How long will it take to dry?

 Generally, carpets will feel dry after roughly 5 hours, though you may want to leave the carpets for up to 24 hours before use. If you want to speed up the drying process there are a few options. 

  • You can use a carpet dryer.
  • You can open doors and windows to create airflow over the carpet.
  • You can use a combination of dehumidifiers and fans to circulate air in the room and dry the air as this happens.

Maintaining a Clean Carpet

To keep your carpets looking fresh and clean, you should vacuum weekly, and use a carpet cleaner every 12 months. Not only will this keep your carpets looking fresh, but it will also lengthen their life and save you money.


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