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Thermobile ITA 45 Indirect Heater

Thermobile ITA 45 - 45kW - Indirect Heater for Sale

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45kW commercial & industrial heating

The Thermobile ITA 45 indirect oil fired heaters are efficient, high-performance heaters that can provide a powerful supply of warm air to raise the temperature of large spaces quickly. They are suited to all busy areas with lots of people around, such as public venues, marquees, garages, and construction sites. These heaters will warm up areas incredibly quickly with their maximum heat output of 154,000 Btu/h and airflow of 3000m³/h. They are safe to use in enclosed areas with poor ventilation because of the way indirect heaters separate the heated air and exhaust fumes they create. The ITA 45 can be set up outside of the space with the clean, fume-free heat vented in using the durable ducting. They can even be used inside the space that needs to be heated with the flue installed to reach outside to exhaust fumes.

Compatible with a range of accessories

The Thermobile ITA 45 space heater is a versatile and effective unit. They are available in 240v and 110v models to suit the power supply that you will use. These heaters can also be used with a great range of accessories. There is an input for a thermostat, which will allow you to set the ambient temperature for the area that is being heated. If you use a thermostat with the Thermobile ITA 45, it will shut down and turn on automatically to maintain the pre-set temperature. There is 3m and 7.6m ducting available, plus ducting diffusers and a 2-way splitter. The ducting allows you to vent the hot air directly into spaces for heating or in particular locations for spot drying. The 2-way splitter allows you to use 2 lengths of ducting and heat up 2 separate locations at the same time. There is a flue available, so that the heater can be used in situ safely while exhausting the fumes outside. You can add a rain cowl to the flue to protect the internal system from rainfall and other ingresses that could lead to damage or reduce performance. We have also made the Thermobile ITA 45 available as part of our medium Thermobile space heater packages and large Thermobile space heater packages. Our packages include the heater and accessories at a much cheaper price than buying the parts individually and even include free delivery.

Robust & practical heating solutions

The Thermobile ITA 45 space heater is an efficient solution for climate control. It is one of the most efficient heaters of its type - with a heat exchanger that is capable of up to 91% efficiency with an intuitive 1-way pipe system and exceptional heat distribution. These robust and durable space heaters are constructed with powder-coated durable phosphate outer panels and a heat resistant combustion chamber that can withstand temperatures of up to 850℃. The outer shell, quality components, design, and exceptional manufacture allow the Thermobile ITA 45 indirect space heater to withstand challenging environments. The unit is also lightweight and can be easily transported between locations. The sturdy handles and wheels ensure that the heater can be moved from place to place without too much heavy-lifting. Enquire online or call our sales team directly for more information, or to make a space heater purchase.

Please note: This product description and detail is based on the model we have the most stock of. Alternative brands of equivalent specification may be supplied based on location and availability.


Heat output (kW): 45.1
Heat output (Btu/h): 154,000
Fuel consumption oil max. (l/h): 4.5
Heated air flow (m3 /h): 3000
Tank capacity (l): 80
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 1630 x 620 x 900
Weight (kg): 105
Voltage: 240v or 110v

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